Friday, March 28, 2014

Control volume via command line

I have a neighbour who complains currently about my music which is too loud in
the night. So we agreed that I turn of my music at 11PM. First I tried to look
on my watch and to turn off music at 11PM. Most I failed and my neighbour stands
in my door. The fun partis that I'm listening to music via my Linux based HTPC.
So I deceided to create a cronjob that sets the volume to 0 every day at 11PM.
The first thing I needed was a list of all available alsa controls (where -c 0
is the first sound card):

Thursday, March 27, 2014

(MIT) Kerberos for Slackware

With this article I want you to show how to set up Kerberos in Slackware. I have setup two VM's to write this article. The first VM is named kdc01 and will be the Kerberos server. The second VM is named kdc02 and will be the Kerberos client. This article contains the following sections:

1. Install and configure the Kerberos server (kdc01)
1.1. Install Kerberos
1.2. Configure Kerberos
2. Install and configure the Kerberos client (kdc02)
2.1. Install Kerberos
2.2. Configure Kerberos
2.3. Install PAM
2.4. Configure PAM for Kerberos