Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mount a ZFS dataset

Mounting an unmounted ZFS dataset is very easy. Eg I have a ZFS pool called orapool. Within in this pool I have various datasets like u01, u02, ... and u06:

# mount | grep u06
/u06 on orapool/u06 ...

In case that eg. /u06 is not mounted you can't mount it the traditional way like:

# mount -F zfs orapool/u06 /u06

This would only cause an error message and won't mount the ZFS dataset. Instead set the mountpoint with the zfs command for orapool/u06 like this first:

# zfs set mountpoint=/u06 orapool/u06

Then mount the ZFS dataset:

# zfs mount orapool/u06

And your data is back online.

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