Monday, May 27, 2013

VxVM vxvol ERROR V-5-1-10128 Configuration daemon error 441

When you get the following error while trying to stop a Veritas volume:

# vxvol -g testdg stop testvol01
VxVM vxvol ERROR V-5-1-10128  Configuration daemon error 441

Then run a flush on the disk group that contains the volume: 

# vxdg flush testdg

The volume should be easily stopped right now:

# vxvol -g testdg stop testvol01

You can check the status of the volume with vxprint:

# vxprint -g testdg
v  testvol      fsgen        DISABLED 2097152  -  CLEAN  -  -
pl testvol-01   testvol      DISABLED 2097152  -  CLEAN  -  -
sd c1t1d0s2-01  testvol-01   ENABLED  2097152  0  -      -  -

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