Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scan for new Lun(s) in AIX

After creating a Lun in a storage and mapping the new Lun to a AIX server you should list the current disks:

# vxdisk -e list

Then reconfigure devices using cfgmgr:

# cfgmgr

Scan for new Luns and list them again:

# vxdisk scandisks
# vxdisk -e list
stor01_18   auto:none   -   -   online   invalid   hdisk20   -

When you have mapped your new Lun right then you should note a difference between the first vxdisk -e list commend and the second vxdisk -e list command. From here you can do everything you need to do with the new Lun within Veritas.
Some other useful AIX based tools to check for new Luns (after running cfgmgr):

List configuration:

# lscfg -v | grep FC
  hdisk19        ...        MPIO IBM 2145 FC Disk
  hdisk20        ...        MPIO IBM 2145 FC Disk

List physical volumes:

# lspv
hdisk19         none                                VeritasVolumes
hdisk20         none                                None

List disk class based devices:

# lsdev -Cc disk
hdisk19 Available 07-00-02 MPIO IBM 2145 FC Disk
hdisk20 Available 07-00-02 MPIO IBM 2145 FC Disk

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