Tuesday, November 20, 2012

vxdisk list: state=disabled

Today I had a strange situation with VxFS. When running vxprint I saw several disks in error state. A closer look at the devices gave me a clue:

# vxdisk list stor1_42
c1t20140080E518D5C0d26s2        state=disabled  type=primary
c3t20140080E518D5C0d26s2        state=disabled  type=primary
c4t20150080E518D5C0d26s2        state=disabled  type=secondary
c2t20150080E518D5C0d26s2        state=disabled  type=secondary

The pathes to disks from the storages was disabled (two storage with two pathes = 4 disks for one lun). To re-enable them I run vxdmpadm:

# vxdmpadm enable path=c1t20140080E518D5C0d26s2
# vxdmpadm enable path=c3t20140080E518D5C0d26s2
# vxdmpadm enable path=c4t20140080E518D5C0d26s2
# vxdmpadm enable path=c2t20140080E518D5C0d26s2

Then I checked the pathes again:

# vxdisk list stor1_42
c1t20140080E518D5C0d26s2        state=enabled   type=primary
c3t20140080E518D5C0d26s2        state=enabled   type=primary
c4t20150080E518D5C0d26s2        state=enabled   type=secondary
c2t20150080E518D5C0d26s2        state=enabled   type=secondary

And my disk were back online again.