Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sun StorEdge 6120 password reset

Got a few Sun StorEdge 6120 without any password (the shipped one was not right). To access the 6120 I have to reset the password first. Here is a way how I accomplished it. First shutdown the 6120 and disconnect all power cables. Then use a screw driver to open the screw that holds the U1 controller on the back of the 6120. Then pull the U1 controller out of the 6120. In the top right corner there are a few jumpers gathered to J10. Use a jumper to connect the pins 14 and 16 like the image:

Then plugin the U1 controller back into the storage, connect all power cables and a serial cable which connects the 6120 to any host with a serial adapter. Make sure that the serial connection works (use the settings 9600 8N1), otherwise you can not continue. Then turn back power on the storage and immediatly start a terminal program (under Linux I suggest minicom). If you have setup everything right then the following boot messages should appear:

Sun StorEdge 6120 2.5 Controller - (256 MB)

Starting POST
POST end

When the messages 'hit the RETURN key within 3 seconds to cancel' shows up then press enter to interrupt the booting process:

6120-EP Release 3.2.5 Thu Aug 24 03:49:04 PDT 2006 (
Copyright (C) 1997-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Found units: [u1-ctr]
auto boot is enabled
hit the RETURN key within 3 seconds to cancel...Cancelled!

At the command prompt set the flag 0x40000000

=> set flags 0x40000000

And set a new password:

=> set passwd sun1
Root password changed.

Then continue booting by entering the boot command:

=> boot

After the boot process has finished you should be able to login with the user root and the password sun1:

Login: root
Password: sun1

To change the password again use the passwd command. If you get repeatly coming warnings 'Password protection is disabled!' then shutdown the 6120 and remove the jumper again.

OLD password: sun1

NEW password: It'satrap!
NEW password (confirm): It'satrap!