Monday, March 14, 2011

Changing the boot order in AIX

I have here two AIX machines, one seems to be broken nut the other works fine (so far...). I need to reinstall the operating system but the machine always boots from harddisk by default. The solutions to this is the command bootlist. The following examples show the current boot order:

# bootlist -m normal -o
hdisk0 blv=hd5

This will force the machine to boot always from the 1st harddisk and the boot logical volume 5 (I need to check this more specific). Next I need to figure out the CD/DVD:

# prtconf -v | grep -i cd
  cd0              U787E.001.AAA1162-P1-D5          IDE DVD-ROM Drive

Finally add it to the boot order:

# bootlist -m normal cd0 hdisk0 blv=hd5

And reboot:

# shutdown -r now

Additional readings (incl. network etc)

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