Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I really like to work with the commandline but framebuffer is something i don't wanna miss anymore. The default installation of CentOS-5 comes with framebuffer support but it is not activated. To activate it edit your grub.conf and append to the kernel line with the vga parameter:

# vi /boot/grub.conf

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-194.32.1.el5 ro root=LABEL=/ vga=0x305

After that reboot your machine and you will have a commandline resolution of 1024x768. Or you use one of these values:

0x307   1280x1024
0x305   1024x768
0x303    800x600
0x301    640x480

If you use lilo as your bootloader, then expand the configuration file with this option for a resolution of 1024x768:

# vi /etc/lilo.conf

Or use another value:

vga=791 1024x768
vga=788  800x600
vga=785  640x480

Then reinstall lilo and reboot:

# lilo
Added Linux
# shutdown -r now